Don Bristow

Photographer, Artist & Website Designer

Don Bristow

Photographer, Fractal Artist & Website Designer

Don Bristow is a professional photographer, fractal artist and website designer living in Bullard, Texas, with his wife Sandy and dog Teddy.

According to Bristow, Mathematics is rich with undiscovered beauty. Mathematics has replaced Bristow’s frequent drives to Yosemite Valley and the Pacific Coast, and his computer has replaced his camera as a tool to capture unique and fascinating images. Bristow pours over solutions to equations, and there he finds landscapes, seascapes, stars and planets – a mathematical virtual universe that looks much like our own.

As a photographer, Bristow composes extraordinary abstract and representational images, but unlike other art forms the images have the added quality of fracticality. Fracticality can result in much greater detail than a photographic image, and it can cause levels of new details to pop into sight as the viewing distance is changed. While Fractal Art is still considered an experimental art form, Bristow maintains a great deal of discipline in his work and hopes to help lead the art form out of its infancy and into wider acceptance.

Because it can stimulate minds and trigger new ideas, Bristow believes that CHAOTICA, his body of Fractal Art, is an excellent choice for upscale commercial interiors, especially lobbies and conference rooms. Exhibits of CHAOTICA have demonstrated that it appeals to young and old, and to artists as well as engineers.

Bristow has been designing and hosting websites for over 15 years for a wide variety of businesses, non-profits and artists.